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Rainbow Fairy Garden  

Miniature Garden Party reminder


Saturday and Sunday, June 9th and 10th at 11:00 a.m.


It's time for our annual miniature garden party!
Bring your own special container or select one from our shelves.  The cost is $10.00 which includes potting soil, mulch, moss and pebbles. If you haven't done already please RSVP on our website in advance.

This year we also have something new for the kids at 10 am- a Plant-a-Toy worskshop . The cost is $5.00 - which includes both the plant and the toy.

The very popular Fairy Treasure Hunt is ongoing!


 What to choose...
Sun Combination  

Proven perennial combinations



Try out this wonderful color combination in your sunny garden.


Peony, all colors

Japanese Iris, all colors

Amsonia 'Blue Ice', Blue Star


These perennials are all nice hardy plants for reliable color in June.


Part shade combination  

Try out this wonderful color combination in your part-shade garden.


Woodland Phlox

Trollius, Globe flower

Cushion Spurge


These perennials are all nice hardy plants for reliable color in June.

 Our Top Ten...
Start n Grow Fertilizer  

Fertilizer to use


Start-N-Grow is a fertilizer that contains slow release nitrogen as well as other plant nutrients. The formula is 19-6-12 (19% nitrogen, 6% phosphorus and 12% potassium (potash).

It can be used on containers indoors and outdoors, bedding plants, ornamentals, roses, trees, shrubs and lawns.

When does it need to be applied

Start N Grow can be used at planting time as well as for use as a maintenance fertilizer. Apply every 3-4 months during the growing season to maintain vigorous plants.

How is it applied: Lightly mix into the soil at planting, or top dress existing plants. Water in thoroughly at the rates listed on the bag for different planting situations.



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