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Bonus Bill Days  

Bonus Bill Days


It's time to visit the greenhouse and use the Bonus Bills you have received in April and May. (One for every $10 purchased.)


Bonus Bill Days:  Saturday, June 30th to Tuesday, July 31st.  Here's how they work.

 Our Top Ten...
Soil Sulfur  

Plant Care Product:  Soil Sulfur


Soil Sulfur creates an acid soil condition and acts as a soil conditioner. “Lowers the soil pH. Prevents clorosis (yellowing on new leaves)”.


Certain plants, such as blueberries, thrive best in acid soil conditions.  Soil Sulfur can be applied any time, but it is best to do it at the beginning of the growing season.  Its
effect on soil acidity lasts 6-8 weeks after application.


Apply at the rate of 1-2 lbs. per 100 square feet. Spade or rake into the soil. Do not apply to container grown plants or mix with any nitrate fertilizer. Always read and follow all label directions.



 Artist Profile...
Betty Sitbon Art  

Art in the Garden Featured Artist


On August 4th the first annual "Art in the Garden" will take place. One of the artist scheduled to exhibit is Betty Sitbon.  Her whimsical painted handbags are displayed now in our gift shop special section for participating artists.  Here is more about Betty and her work.


Betty Sitbon dances  through her day with a paintbrush in hand, transforming up-cycled handbags into magical, enchanted, works of art. On these bags, she blends her imagined world, with the real world, where she lives now in northern Wisconsin . She  exhibits in Chicago (where she studied at the Art Institute and worked as a professional artist for 40 years) and visits Paris (where she studied and worked for over a decade). Betty got her fine arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis and learned all about color during her six months of painting in San Miguel. Come see her work and proudly carry home, over your arm, a one of a kind Sitbon original that will inspire conversation and smiles.


Come see us soon!


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