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Fall Flavour Event 2018
Dear Fellow Gardeners
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Waterfall in Display Garden  

Garden Club Day Reminder


Wednesday, August 15th


There is still time to to join us for Garden Club Day.  If you are a member of a Garden Club this day is for you!  Special 20% off all Perennials.  A Garden Tour at 2:00 p.m. and each individual will receive a Garden Kit Bag.  Please RSVP on our website. 

 Succulent Selection...

Perennial Succulents



Sedum and Sempervivum


Perennial succulents: Sedum (Stonecrop) and Sempervivum (Hen and Chicks), with their interesting forms, unusual colors, and easy care reputation, have become an important design element in many gardens.  They can be planted in mass, as specimens in the garden, or displayed in containers. Succulents have a great deal to offer any gardener.  The many varieties and forms of succulents make them very attactive and useful where there is a dry area to cope with in the garden.  Most succulents thrive in sunny dry areas and tolerate a greater amount of neglect than many other plants.  Succulents will grow stronger and have better texture, color and form with a bit of extra care.  Be careful not to over water or over fertilize.  Here are some succulent suggestions for success:

  • Give succulents full sun (6 or more hours of direct sun)
  • Allow them to moderately dry out between waterings
  • For containers, use a light soil that drains well and does not hold moisture for long periods
  • Be sure to pair succulents with other plants that can tolerate less moisture so that you avoid over-watering.
 Looking Ahead...
Salsa Sampler Contest  

Share Your Culinary Talent


On Sunday, September 2nd the Fall Flavours Event will take place.  In preparation for this event, we invite anyone to  prepare their favorite salsa and enter it into our 'Salsa Sampler Contest'.  All you have to do is bring in a container of your best salsa along with the recipe if you would like to share that with others, on Sunday the 2nd.  Attendees at the event will taste and vote for their favorite.  The votes will be tallied up and a winner announced.  The winning salsa recipe winner will receive a gift certificate and be featured in our newsletter and Facebook page.  Start testing and tweeking your talent at making salsa and enter your culinary creation.  Who knows?  It could be the start of something very tasty!



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