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Hydrangea Trees and Roses



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All trees and shrubs are currently 25% off the regular price.  It is still a good time to plant.  "Spruce" up an empty spot in your yard or garden with a "Colorado Blue".  Plant some sparkle in a colorless area with Hydrangea "White Diamonds".  Or add a color blast with "Orange Rocket" Barberry.  There is a wide variety of ornamental shrubs and trees to choose from.  Receive expert advice and design ideas from our staff. And all trees and shrubs are guaranteed. Reference our planting guide.

 Helpful Hints...

Drying Herbs (Bundled)


The best way to have the flavor and fragrance of herbs during the winter months is to dry them.  Some herbs such as bay, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage, spearmint and thyme, dry well and retain their full flavor.  Fact:  some cooks prefer dried oregano to fresh.  Home dried herbs will be of much higher quality than commercial herbs and you will get the most satisfying feeling when you use your own!

1) Gather your herbs on long stems in the morning after the dew has dried and before the sun has become too intense.

2) Arrange them like you want them to dry.  Herbs shrink considerably when they dry, so make the bundles four times the size you eventually want.  Tie a string or preferably a rubber band around the stems.  The rubber band adjusts better than string to the size of the stems as the bundles dry.

3) Hang the bundles upside own in an attice, closet or a dry warm place where they will be undisturbed.

4) After several weeks you can use  ribbon or raffia around the stems and place a bundle in a decorative container/vase in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere you would like to add their wonderful frangrance.  Hanging a bundle close to your stove gives you quick access to a pinch for cooking. Your own herb bundles can make a nice personalized gift.  For gift giving, place the bundles in a large plastic bag to preserve the freshness and fragrance.


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