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Fall Mums
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Mango Salsa  

The Winner of the Salsa Contest IS.....

Thank you to all who entered the "Salsa Sampler Contest".  There was a wonderful variety of different types and flavors like avocado, ground cherry, corn and mango to mention a few.  And, after all the votes were counted up, the winning flavour by one vote, was Sweet Mango Salsa by Debby Johnson of Tony.  Congratulations Debby, and thank you for the entry and sharing your winning recipe. 

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Save On All Perennials

Right now all of our perennials from Achillea, (Yarrow) to Yucca are 25% off! There is still time to get good things in the ground. Whether you're looking for flowers that love full sun or ornamental grasses to fill your perennial garden, there is a vast selection to choose from. Perennials are a must-have for every garden, adding color and life when they emerge year after year.

They typically last several years, blooming each year.  If you’re not sure what plants or flowers work best in your perennial garden, we are happy to assist you with design tips and ideas. We also offer landscape services.



 Helpful Hints...
Spring Tulips  

Planting Fall Bulbs

There may be some nice, warm fall days ahead, however; there is no doubt that the gardening season will be wrapping up here in Wisconsin shortly. Don’t put the hose and the tools away just yet.  Planting bulbs in the fall in your yard or garden will provide early color come next spring. Bulbs that bloom in spring, tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinth need to be planted the previous fall as does Allium for a later spring bloom. Here in Wisconsin, you should plant these bulbs from mid September to late October, or at least three to four weeks before the ground freezes. Select the planting location so that the area isn’t mowed until after the foliage turns yellow (ripens). Ripening foliage feeds the underground bulb so it can store nutrients and energy necessary to bloom in spring. Plant bulbs in odd numbered groups of five or more. If planting in rows, stagger the bulbs to create a dense, full look. Some are best displayed in small clusters and others in large masses. Dig holes with a bulb planter or trowel. Be sure to follow the planting depths and spacing listed on the package because planting depths may vary. Your bulbs will benefit by mixing the soil with organic matter and bulb fertilizer before planting. Place the bulbs, pointed end up, in the bottom of the hole. Press firmly and cover with the amended soil. Water the bulbs thoroughly after planting. Planting fall bulbs is an easy way to bring your winter-weary garden to life in spring long before perennials start to push out of the ground and before it’s warm enough to plant annuals.




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